10 Ideas Daily [Day 5]: Service Ideas for Small Businesses

1. Database and analytics consulting for small businesses

Small businesses capture significant data about their customers, clients and vendors. However, they lack the knowledge, skills and resources to build systems and applications for analytical reporting.

2. Content Marketing and other digital services

This is pretty self-explanatory. Small businesses could use the help of companies that specialize in internet marketing, social media branding etc.

3. Project management and business analyst services

Big companies have formalized processes and documentation in place created by business analysts and project managers.

Small businesses would work more efficiently if these processes were established for them. A consulting business could establish processes and procedures, formal documentation and training the staff on best practices.

4. Event planning services

Businesses might need to organize seminars to market their services. Rather than spending time in organizing the event a company could be hired to take care of the logistics behind organizing the event.

5. Paper shredding service

There is a lot of paperwork that contains sensitive information that needs to be destroyed. Small businesses don’t have the equipment and more importantly time to ensure all sensitive documents are disposed of properly.

6. Conversion of paper documents into digital

There are many small businesses that still have many of their important documents as hard-copy. This makes analysis and record keeping very hard. It also takes up valuable space.

7. Information Security Services

Small businesses are just as at risk of compromising their customer’s information as major corporations that have been in the spotlight recently. An outside firm could audit the security of the business to ensure the company’s information is safe from online and offline threats.

8. Productivity and software tool training service

Most small businesses like big company’s have staff that use MS Office products like excel, powerpoint, outlook and word. Before I worked for big corporations I worked for small businesses and noticed that the people that use tools like MS Excel don’t use it in an effective way. Onetime or routine training can be provided to the staff to teach them how to use these tools more effectively.

9. A service that connects businesses with college interns than need experience.

Small businesses often try to cut costs yet have a lot of admin work that might need to be done. Interns could help working with this for a wage below what a part-time or full time worker would get. Or they might even work for free for the experience.

10. Designing models or prototypes for businesses.

There are businesses that have an idea for a physical product but they don’t have the equipment, software, skills or knowledge to design one. They could outsource this work to a business than has the technology and expertise to provide them with models.








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