Late Night Interview

Why are you doing this?

I need a creative outlet. Or maybe I just need more.

More than what I have right now. I need something beyond what my job gives me. I need something that is completely mine. I want to express it. I want to share it. First with myself and then with whoever will listen.

I also want to document my thoughts and ideas. Put them down where I can analyze them. Maybe I’ll uncover some pattern and learn something profound about myself. Maybe I’ll have a break through. Maybe it’ll change my life.

Why write a blog?

Seems like the fastest and most natural way for me to create and express myself. I don’t need to spend months learning a new skill. I know how to write even if it’s not that well yet. I’m sure I’ll get better though.

I also think that the blog leaves enough room for me to find my medium of expression. Right now it’s writing but I could venture into other things like podcasting or video and the blog still allows for that.

Do you want to make a career or income out of this?

That would be awesome. I always found the thought of making a living as a creative to be the coolest thing.

If I could carve a niche for myself creating content that I am passionate about and have others consume it and find it valuable it would be a dream come true.

The whole content creation and new internet economy is just fascinating. It’s also scary. I really admire anyone that has made a life out of it.

How do you want this content creation dream to turn out?

Ok, this is my vision:

I find a niche (or niches) and produce tons of content that is of high quality and that I am passionate about. The content would span across different mediums hopefully. I would be seen as an authority in my niche. I would make income out of selling my own premium content like books, courses, webinars, merchandise etc.

I would be completely independent. I would have a substantial amount of income flowing in. There would be no cap on it which would be motivating. The harder I hustle the more I would make. However, I would have multiple income streams that would be mostly passive.

Essentially I would make a living doing what I love. I would work only because I want to create and inspire and not because I need to pay the bills.

Hypothetically, knowing what you know now, how do you think you will achieve this dream?

Here is my somewhat rudimentary plan:

I’m going to write 30 posts. Maybe I might write more. Maybe a little less. The point is for me to just write and get used to writing a lot. I expect to get better along the way. I figure with 30 posts under my belt I’ll have an idea on whether I like writing in the first place. I also expect that out of 30 maybe 5-10 posts will be of fair quality.

Maybe after 30 posts I’ll have an idea of what I enjoy writing about and what there might be a market for. This way I hope to find my niche.

By the time I hit 30 posts or even before that I will pick an actual name for a self-hosted blog. Finding my niche would really help with that. Then I’ll port the best content from here to there.

I’ll then start spending some time on driving traffic to the blog. I don’t know the details on how to do that so I will need to learn. however, I have some ideas on how I can use social media to drive traffic.

One way for instance will be to setup an Instagram account and post pictures with short written pieces that reflect my blogs theme. I’ll try creating a following on Instagram and try to drive it to by blog. This way people that like my short Instagram posts who want more content will get that on my blog. I’ll use tumblr and Pinterest to execute the same strategy.

I will start building an email list. This might mean I’ll have to write a short E-Book or something and give it away for free to incentivize people to sign-up. Maybe there might be a less time consuming way to go about this. i’ll have to figure it out.

Once I have a following being built and gain some traction I would like to offer other kinds of content. I’m thinking of starting a youtube channel. Use that to market my blog and the blog could market youtube.

Once I have a following I would make money through selling my own informational products (courses, ebooks, videos etc). This would be preferable. I could affiliate market. I could get ad revenue.

I don’t know how best to go about these things and perhaps there are more options. I will need to just figure it out.

I think that’s all the questions I had for tonight. Goodnight.






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