10 Ideas Daily [Day 3]: Career Advice


Below are 10 post ideas on career advice. These ideas are general and not targeted towards a specific career.

  1. How to get out of a job you hate and into one that you like
  2. How to get a good job with no experience
  3. Well paying careers (>$80 k) you can get into with no college education.
  4. How to negotiate a signing-bonus and other perks
  5. How to ensure job security
  6. In demand careers for the creatively inclined
  7. Essential skills for majority of knowledge based jobs in the corporate world.
  8. How to pick a career when you have multiple interests and/or are good at many things.
  9. Careers that pay the most with minimal schooling (>$150 k)
  10. Changing careers at any point in your life.

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