Write 10 Ideas a day [Day 1]

A year ago I came across James Alutcher – ex hedge fund manager, Author, Blogger etc. He wrote these very detailed answers on Quora that I felt were very insightful. One of the pieces of advice he has given quite a few times is to get into a daily habit of writing down ideas.

These could be good ideas or bad ideas, ideas about starting businesses or writing books… it really doesn’t matter. He has this theory about what he calls an idea muscle and claims that setting time aside to do this activity daily will result in becoming an “Idea Machine”. Eventually, if you stick with it, you can have thousands of ideas (~3650 in a year). Maybe a couple of them might be life changing. Who knows.

So here is my shot at this. 10 ideas.

Day 1:I’ll keep it easy.

Subject – Blog Post Ideas (What can I write about?)

  1. How to get a career in the Information Technology in a short span of time
  2. How to market yourself well on Linkedin
  3. How to take over a car lease and save money
  4. My experience training someone to get a job and why it didn’t work
  5. Are certifications for technology jobs worth it
  6. How to change your accent
  7. How to deal with hairloss
  8. How Foussey (Yousef Erakat) and Superwoman (Lilly Singh) became such successful youtubers.
  9. How to make a living off Lyft and Uber
  10. How to determine what skills you need for your particular profession and how to get them




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