I have so much to be grateful for that I sometimes take it for granted. I get to see my love tomorrow after a while apart and I realized how much I missed her and how much value she adds to my life. Thinking about how fortunate I have been to have her in my life also got me to think of all the other blessings I enjoy. Here are some of them that I take for granted:

Loving Parents

This is something that I do tend to take for granted. I could have just as easily been born into a family with unloving parents. Being born into a nurturing caring family was completely out of my control and in the hands of fortune. My parents made many sacrifices early on so that their family would have a better life. They left a third world country and traveled across continents, twice, leaving everyone they ever knew behind. This decision and courage of theirs resulted in me growing up in North America and having access to resources that most of the world can only dream of. My parents also happened to value education a great deal which resulted in me taking school seriously and generally fairing better than the other kids in my grade. I am completely in their debt for this. They never let me go hungry and always bought me new clothes for school. They never skimped on anything I wanted to pursue academically. They are also honest and hard-working individuals. I can’t fathom them ever cheating somebody or being unfair. I am very grateful to have been born to them out of all the parents in the world.

Being a citizen of a first-world country

As mentioned above I have my parents to thank for this. If they had never their home I would never have had a chance to grow up in a western country. Being a citizen of a developed country puts me at a huge advantage when compared to most of the world population. I have access to clean water and remarkable sanitation. I have access to state of the art consumer-technology. Freedom and liberty are holy values and I am encouraged to explore my individuality. I got a chance to go to one of the best schools in the world. I have met people from all walks of life, of different cultures and values and this has had a profound impact on my soul.

Getting a University Education

I know that this is not necessary for success but the fact that I got to go to one is something I am grateful for. Not only did I go to college but I went to one of the best Universities in the world and can proudly say that I am a part of their tradition. I got a chance to study some amazing things and meet some amazing people. I owe this to my parents and the fact that I am a citizen of a country that greatly subsidizes its higher education.


I have been blessed to have lived my life so far without any serious health issues. This is something that everyone takes for granted including me and should probably be at the top of this list. There really isn’t anything else to say other than good health is truly a blessing because without it our experiences would be very limited.


I was fortunate enough to end up in a field with enormous demand. I don’t have to worry about finding work and the pay lets me lead a very comfortable life. I make enough and have enough saved that money isn’t a pain point. I don’t have a need for anything. Of course, I do work hard but I do not take all the credit for my success. A series of unforeseen events occurred to land me in the position I am in today. I could have just as easily been working hard in a profession that didn’t pay half as well.


I was lucky to have met someone who genuinely cares about me. When I say “me” I am referring to who I am at my core – my soul. She doesn’t care about my possessions or lack there of, or my looks or anything else that is shallow and insubstantial. She cares about my mind, the way I think, my values. I often contemplate about how hard it is to find someone like that – someones that you know loves you, flaws and all. She is very forgiving of my less than desirable qualities and that I think is because she see focuses on the good and has faith that it will overcome the bad. She can do all this because she is beautiful and it is easy for her to project what is within. She is cool, intelligent, sexy, funny and modest. She defined my type at a young age and that hasn’t changed. I am truly blessed to have her.

All the things I listed above I am utterly grateful for. However, I acknowledge that fortune works both ways. Whatever it gives it can take away. I should never take anything I have for granted because of that fact. I also have to recognize that those that are less fortunate than me are no less than me. The most important blessings that I have are not a product of my actions but rather that of fate. How can I take complete credit when I couldn’t even choose the family I was born into which arguably set the sequence of events in my life? Providence has been at my side throughout my life so it is my duty to live accordingly. I was blessed with good parents so I should behave as son worthy of them. I was blessed with good health so I should care for it. I was blessed with a great profession so I should work hard to excel at it. I was blessed with an amazing woman so i should care for her like she cares for me. I should be all the good she sees in me.

All the blessings we never had a say in choosing we should care for like a child given to our care that is not our own. I believe it was the philosopher Boethius that said that whatever fortune bestows on us we do not own. If we did not choose our fortune then it is plausible that someone else chose it for us. We should be mindful then of these blessings and nurture them so that if asked for their return we can do so proudly knowing that they are in better shape than what they were when give.


One comment

  1. Himali Shah · June 5, 2015

    Wonderful.. made me thankful for all the taken for granted blessings of life


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