We inherit false beliefs and values from our parents. We pass them along to our children and they to theirs and thus the cycle continues. The result of which is a world filled with adults who value the things of no value and devalue that which is truly valuable. It is no wonder happiness in our modern society appears to be something unattainable. We are filled with a constant emptiness and a sense of despair. We might blame it on many things; lack of money, lack of time, lack of love to name a few. We live an existence in our minds where our desires go unfulfilled or when they are fulfilled the feeling is unsatisfactory. The Buddhists would say there in lies the problem – You desire and desire is the cause of suffering and if one does not want to suffer then one should not desire. I however adopt the classical western view on this matter, that the problem is not desire in itself but the very things that we desire. This is something that we are not taught as children – to think correctly. . We will have to learn to identify what is of value and what isn’t. What is a true belief and what is false. Only then can we break the karmic cycle of false thought and attain a sort of nirvana in our own lives.


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