Random Ramblings of a Friday evening: Finding Motivation, Casey Neistat and Mad Max

Today wasn’t the most productive day. Fridays at work tend to be slower than any other day and given that this is the long weekend it was even slower than a typical Friday. After work hours though I did finish a few Python lessons at Codecademy etching me closer to one of  my monthly goals :D.

Speaking of goals, inspiration and motivation, I recently stumbled upon a vlog of film-maker named Casey Neistat. I had never heard of the guy let alone seen any of his films.You can read more about him here: here or check out his website here where he has links to his youtube channel, instagram etc.

The guy’s vlogs are awesomely inspiring. They are 8 minutes long filled with him just going about his day and they are fantastic. After watching one of his vlogs I get this surge of energy to  be productive and creative. That is what makes a good film-maker or any sort of artist rather. They ignite a spark in others that leads to some change.

On the topic of films and film-makers; I need to get ready to head to Hollywood to watch Mad Max: Fury Road in IMAX 3d Lazer. Never experienced that before but I really am more excited about watching Mad Max. It was one of my favorite science fiction movies as a kid. Maybe I’ll write about it when I get back.


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