My new approach to Goal Setting

Goals are important and even though I know this  I almost never write them down. When I do write them down they are usually a year long and at some point during the year I just stop tracking my progress. I am going to try a whole new approach for me starting now. I will make monthly goals and I will track my progress every week. I am arbitrarily going to pick the number 4 to begin with.

Goals to be completed by 6/30/2015 (I have a head start 😀 ):

  1. Finish the python course on codecademy (50% completed)
  2. Finish the Ultimate Python Programming Tutorial on Udemy (not started)
  3. Do a complete review of Informatica content (not started)
  4. Review unix along with basic scripting (not started)

If I get through all of them before the deadline I get a head start on 3 new goals. If I finish some but not all then whatever is left spills on over to the following month along with new goals. For example if I finish goal 1 ,2 and 3 above but goals 3 and 4 are incomplete I will carry them over along with 2 new goals for the following month.

I will update my progress for the week every Sunday.


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