Why Now?

I have thought of keeping an online journal for years now and never got around to it due to over-thinking the whole thing. So let me expand on the reasons why I didn’t do this earlier.

  1. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to journal my thoughts. I felt that it would be a waste of valuable time that I could use doing something else.
  2. I wasn’t sure of what medium to use. I considered just keeping a physical journal but never got around to it. And given that I hardly use pen and paper; it probably wouldn’t have worked out anyway.
  3. I thought that creating a blog to  journal my thoughts would only add another meaningless blog floating around on the internet.
  4. This is related to point #1 and #4. Part of me thought that if I am going to start a blog then it should be about something specific and cool that people would be interested in. However, I could never think about anything specific that would hold my interest long enough to dedicate my time to it.
  5. I felt uncomfortable sharing a piece of me with the public. Of course I know I can make my posts private but then I might as well just journal in word or google docs which just lacks the excitement of the possibility that some random stranger might stumble upon and appreciate something I wrote.

Reasons why I decided to do it now:

  1. Clarity: Writing down my ideas and desires will help me analyze them critically. It is hard to do this when they are stuck in my mind amid a frenzy of thoughts and emotions. Writing them will help me see my perspective on any given issue more clearly.
  2.  Communication: More of our communication today is becoming textual thanks to smartphones and tablets that we carry with us everywhere. In the workplace 80% of my communication is in the form of text messages. I believe writing daily will only improve my ability to communicate which is crucial for success in any situation.
  3. Self-Improvement: Writing my thoughts down will assist me in determining what my core values are. Related to point #1 I believe if I write down my philosophies on life it will better help me internalize them.
  4. Passion: I hope that through the process of writing a daily entry it will help me see patterns of where my passion lies. This is something that I think about quite a bit as I am sure everyone else does so I figure I might as well document such a huge part of my mental activity.
  5. Happiness: I have a hunch that self-expression will make me a happier individual. It doesn’t have to be for anyone but me. Many people talk about blogs like they are a means to an end which is what I guess put me off the whole thing as I didn’t know what the end was. My perspective now however is that this is the end in itself. I am doing this for me and for me alone. If someone stumbles upon this I would think that it is definitely awesome but recognition and fame is not my motivation.
  6. Curiosity: I spend so much time committing things to text in the form of emails, text messages, IMs etc. None of it is stored anywhere. I always wondered if people committed the same amount of content to something that would last what would come of it.
  7. Education: I believe in life long learning. Blogging and in particular WordPress which has become ubiquitous with blogging are a big part of our internet age. I feel that I am under educated in the recent developments that have taken place in the last few years in the blogosphere and would like to get caught up. Rather than reading about it I figured the best way to learn is by doing.

I hereby commit myself to writing something everyday and as often as possible. Let’s see where this goes.


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